Blanca Padilla

Blanca Padilla

height 180 . waist 60 . hips 90 . shoes 40 . hair brown . eyes brown . instagram @blancapadilla

Blanca is represented in Spain by The Cool Models.

What dreams did you have as a kid?

As I child I do not remember what my dreams were, I have a really bad memory.
I am sure I had many dreams, I was never quiet and I loved to paint, write and socialize. I loved to be bossy too, ha ha ha.

What was happiness for you then?

Happiness for children means another thing. I think it is something so special and that we loose as we grow older, but I can say I was a happy child.

What does freedom mean to you?

Freedom for me has to do with being at ease with oneself, forgetting about the noise around you and conecting with yourself, with your center. Find your power which is inmense.
To arrive there is maybe more complex tan what it may seem. Thanks to photographers like you that let me be me, I feel free to be myself and give my best to you.

What is your favourite music?

I love every music, I try to listen to a bit of everything. When I listen to The Beatles this takes me back to memories of my father which I love.
I listen to latin music to remember those unforgettable nights spend in Spain with friends before leaving to New York.

What do you like to do apart from being a model?

I love to eat and discover new restaurants wherever I go.
I love to travel around the world. I like to write. I am interested in nutrition, more and more, it is something I need for my work and in general to keep healthy.

Where would you like to live forever?

Probably in a warm place and Spain not to be dismissed.

Any experience working that you want to tell us about?

Maybe the night I closed the last catwalk from Tisci with Givenchy. It was very exciting and I felt very special to take part of something so beautiful and with so much work and talent involved.

What is it that most excites you on a shooting?

The most I like is the connection that happens between me and the team during the shoot. If there is no connection there is nothing.

What dream would you like to acomplish?

Just continuing learning about myself and growing in life.
Getting projects that I can enjoy just like the ones I am having the opportunity to live right now.

Do you think we really live one life or more?

Ah …. this is a very Bèla’s question, ha ha ha. For this I would like to have a conversation with you and that you let me know what you think about this.
I am interested in your vision.

What do you like or dislike about smoking?

What I love about it is the social part, it takes me back to Spain and those nights spend with friends but I do not like the destructive impact it has in our health and I really wish people to stop smoking.