Hugh Burry

Hugh Burry

height 189 . bust 96 . waist 81 . shoes 44 . hair brown . eyes blue . instagram @hugh_burry
Melbourne, Australia.
Hugh is represented in Spain by Sight.

When did you start modeling?

I first started modeling when my mother agent found and messaged me on Facebook.

What do you like about modeling?

I’ve really enjoyed modeling so far, because it has allowed me to travel the world, and meet so many new people from so many different places.

What is your passion?

Before I started modeling I was studying industrial design which is my passion, and my ultimate goal is to become a furniture designer.

What do you do in your free time?

I spend most of my free time skateboarding. Everywhere I go my skateboard comes with me. I love reading books on philosophy and anthropology.

What's your favorite music?

My favourite genre of music is disco. If I could be granted 1 wish, it would be to spend a day in the 70’s so I could experience the heyday of disco first hand.