Tekla Chijavadze

Tekla Chijavadze

height 174 . bust 83 . waist 60 . hips 88 . shoes 38 . hair brown . eyes blue . instagram @tekla_chijavadze
Tekla is represented in Spain by Blow.

When did you start modeling?

I started modeling when a friend of mine (photographer) told me that I had an interesting face and he started shooting me. After that I started working with a modeling agency called Look Models in Tbilisi. Then I went to Milan with Next models and there I started worked a lot.

How do you combine modeling with being a mother?

Family is everything for me, I have a little daughter, she’s 2 years old, her smile gives me the whole life energy, positivity and everything that is amazing and can't describe with words.

What is your favorite music?

I love music.I can’t imagine the universe without music, I love many types of them it depends on my daily mood. I love Jazz, classic music, pop music and of course techno music.

What where your childhood dreams?

When I was a child my dream was to be an actress, I wanted to be someone famous and a strong woman.

And now what's your dream?

Now my dream still is to be an actress, but it needs hard work.

What are your best childhood memories?

My childhood memories are connected to my Family, specially to my older sisters, I was trying all the time to be like them.

What do you like about modeling?

I like photo shootings and love looking after at the results of them.

And about smoking?

Smoking is the thing that is always with me. I am just sad because smoking is not good for health.