Bèla Adler and Salvador Fresneda are a couple of fashion and advertising photographers based between Barcelona and New York. Ever since they met they have worked together, both shooting for the same job. They produce and art direct almost all their works, casting, location and digital post-production.
Here is a statement of what the art director of Grey NY, Mark Dixon says about them:

“It’s difficult to pinpoint what makes their work so special. The direction, the lighting, the moment. There is something very deep and rich and thoughtful. Between the choreography of Bèla and Salvador and the beauty of the images, the experience of working with them is almost romantic.”

Bèla has a degree in Graphic Design and studied Fine Arts and Art History at the University of Barcelona. She worked one year at the graphic department of the I.C.P. in New York and attended a course on photography at the same I.C.P. Back in Spain, she took a seminar in Madrid with Joel-Peter Witkin, getting a sponsorship to continue her personal projects.
Salvador is a self-made man, with a special gift for lighting and space. Actually, he combines photography with industrial design and interior design. He finds impressive industrial objects in markets that after transforming them, rents or uses for his own productions (instagram @ultimaparada).