Tom Webb

Tom Webb

Height 189 . Bust 102 . Shoe 44 . Hair Dark Blond . Eyes Blue . Instagram . @tom_webb
Tom is represented in Spain by Sight.

What's your passion?

I love literature. When a writer perfectly recreates a thought or feeling that you yourself have felt but never been able to put into words, you feel this strong connection with them, even if they've long been dead.

what's your favorite book?

"Ask the dust" from John Fante

How would your perfect photo shoot be?

A nude shoot... on a beach... with Jenifer Lawrance and beer. Lots of beer.

What was your dream as a kid?

We all have fond memories of childhood but mine were beyond fond. My parents went the extra mile to ensure we all had the most amazing time. School, sports and responsibilities all felt second to having fun and so i found little use for childhood dreams. I was too busy living them.

Your most treasured memories?

My most treasured memories seem to jumble into one. However, all have a similar backdrop; holidays, family, friends and lots of laughter.

Do you have an ideal love?

I'm not much of a romantic. I want to be with someone independent and individual, i want a best mate rather than all that fairytale rubbish.

Where would you like to live?

This changes weekly hahaha. At the moment i have a bit of a love affair with L.A., Santa Monica, Malibu... that sort of thing.