Dusan Latinski

Dusan Latinski

height 185 . bust 93 . waist 72 . hips 90 . shoes 44 . hair dark blond . eyes blue . instagram @dusan.latinski
Dusan is represented in Spain by Sight.

Where are you from?

I am from Belgrade, Serbia.

What was your first experience as a model?

My first modelling experience was not so long ago. I walked exclusively for Hugo Boss in June 2017 in Florence and that's how everything started.

How do you like being in front of the camera, are you scared or you love it?

I'm never scared, I enjoy it, I like creative people who let models express their emotions in front of the camera.

What is your dream?

Right now my dream is to travel the world, meet new people, new cultures, try new food. I love my job because it lets me see so many things and explore.

Do you prefer city or nature?

I was born and raised in the capital of Serbia, and I love it, I love the soul, I love the energy, that feeling when you return home.


I was playing football for more then 10 years and Im still a big fan. Even now, when I'm at home, I go out to play with my friends.

Smoking? Is it just social or not?

Enjoyed it for this project. Enjoying it with friends I love.

Do you see yourself as a creative person?

Yes, very much. I'm interested in photography and trough modelling I'm learning a lot about it.

Words that describe you best?

Trying to maintain simplicity of life while enjoying quality moments with the loved ones.